Things I learned about DevOps in Q1

Being a software engineer, programmer, developer - is not a destination. The good ones have a natural curiosity, where the main measure of an activity is what you learned while doing it. There’s a number of things that people learn - some which can eventually be explained away by documentation. What it logical isn’t always how things are.

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Store config in the environment

One of the most important 12 Factor Application principles is dictating how your configuration should be declared and passed to your application. If you’re using a database instance, the location and credentials for that database instance should come from the environment where your application is run. This means that it should be passed via an environment variable, via a command line argument, or even via a configuration file which must be passed as a command line argument.

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Bypassing docker network isolation (hack)

I am the author of the netdata docker image. I created the image before netdata became the popular real time performance monitoring software which it is today - over 15 thousand stars on GitHub! Wow! Due to the network isolation however, you would have to run it in --net=host mode to monitor your network devices.

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