Docker Maze: the benefit of coding competitions

The Docker Maze, reloaded ; Tit Petric

Coding competitions are a good way to test and improve your skills. Some of the skills you might already have just by the nature of the engineering job itself - you have to set up your development environments, trouble-shoot connectivity issues, and solve problems when they occur. I don’t need to tell you that it’s better to learn these skills in a controlled environment, and perhaps not while watching your production systems fail. And in case that does happen - you don’t want to be the one who’s just looking at whatever metrics you have and pray for some kind of miracle. But, putting a time limit on a competition - it keeps some pressure on you, just like the real thing.

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Debugging Docker network connectivity

+1 new @docker office, by Luke Marsden, ClusterHQ

A few weeks ago I wrote a short article, networking basics with docker. Since then, I’ve migrated my production environment to be docker only, and I’ve deployed 5 docker hosts which handle various tasks, from a production file server, search server with solr, my complete development environment and some websites (including this one!).

Over the course of a week I was hitting a few timeouts in connecting from one docker container to another, and finally, yesterday I consistently pinpointed a 4+ second delay on an API service I was writing. Four seconds. I’ll go over the steps that I took to diagnose and resolve the issue.

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