Setting up your own Docker swarm

Setting up your Docker swarm ; Tit Petric

Scaling your service has usually been in the domain of system operators, which installed servers and developers tweaking software when the load got high enough to warrant scaling. Soon enough you’d be looking at tens or even hundreds of instances which took a lot of time to manage. With the release of Docker 1.12, you now have orchestration built in - you can scale to as many instances as your hosts can allow. And setting up a docker swarm is easy-peasy.

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Building your own build status indicator with GoLang and RPi3

Build status indicator using a Raspberry PI 3 ; Tit Petric, Gopher by Renée French

A few months ago I had been participating in the Docker Maze challenge, where I was awarded a Raspberry PI 3. The package was lying on my desk for more time than I care to admit, but finally I decided on a project which seemed interesting to me. I was going to make a build status indicator. Whenever one of my projects would fail, I would turn on some external peripheral that would let me know that something broke.

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