Bypassing docker network isolation (hack)

I am the author of the netdata docker image. I created the image before netdata became the popular real time performance monitoring software which it is today - over 15 thousand stars on GitHub! Wow! Due to the network isolation however, you would have to run it in --net=host mode to monitor your network devices.

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Purging cached items from NGINX with LUA

Those of you any how familiar with scaling up a service, will by now be familiar with NGINX as a strong workhorse, when it comes to proxy HTTP requests between multiple backend servers. There’s one thing the open source NGINX version doesn’t do however - you can’t issue a PURGE request against a cached resource and delete it from the cache. That is, until we bring in LUA.

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The 12 Factors of Go

The 12 Factor App methodology is a set of best practices to follow when building modern software applications. It was created by Heroku as a guide for developers to optimize application development for their platform as a service. At the core, the 12FA methodology is a marketing document, but the concepts behind individual practices outline best practices that can be followed regardless of the platform where you publish your apps.

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