As a senior developer I’m involved in a few public projects. My experiences are over the complete stack, so I might write about anything from stylesheets, web server configuration and API programming. That said, I’ve become specialized in certain problems over the years, where I’ve used my knowledges to make advancements for my clients. These problems are:

Video streaming

Due to my work in setting up web servers, streaming servers and developing plugins for the Wowza Streaming Engine, I’ve become proficient in the modern protocols which facilitate web streaming on a global scale.

  • Protocol understanding on a low level (HLS, HDS, Smoothstreaming),
  • Custom augmenting of HLS protocol for low-latency streaming,
  • Scaling out Wowza Streaming Engine as HTTP origin,
  • Custom build authentication and streaming on demand solutions,
  • Custom CDN for video distribution

The work with Wowza has been very fruitful. My plugins have been used by clients all over the globe, sometimes providing core services for small business and in other cases handling massive viewership during events like the Olympic Games and the World Hockey Championship.

Several of the plugins which I have written for Wowza are available on the Wowza Plugins Page. If you have custom development needs, send me an e-mail.

Published works

I’m the author of a book, API Foundations in Go, and I am a speaker at several regional conference events. For more information, consult my Publications.

Open Source software

I’m a contributor to several open source projects, and the creator of several of my own projects. For a complete list, please see my GitHub profile.