Wowza Streaming Engine

I am the developer of serveral Wowza Streaming Engine plugins which are available for purchase below. The plugins come compiled against the latest Wowza versions, along with relevant documentation regarding configuration and deployment.

I’m also available for consultancy/freelance work.

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GeoIP plugin

The GeoIP plugin adds capabilities that allow you to block requests based on network locations (CIDR/netmask/IP), or on GeoLocation (Country, City). The configuration for the plugin is provided in XML and is re-loaded on the fly when the contents change.

$50 Buy now Documentation


The VirtualStreams plugin provides a way to play video files as a live stream. This is useful for testing purposes, where you want to provide a live stream but perhaps don’t have access to a video encoder, or can’t spare the hardware to provide a video source.

$20 Buy now Documentation


The StreamControl plugin exposes several of Wowza internal APIs as an RESTful HTTP interface - the API exposes running applications, allowing to stop/start them on-demand. It’s used to provide on-the-fly reloading capabilities for virtual host applications, avoiding Wowza server restarts. It’s enables starting and stopping new streams via API.

$80 Buy now Documentation