Flickr API

I’m currently applying for a Flickr API key, and this is what I put into the description for “HQ Dashboard”:

“I’m building a monitoring dashboard which includes statistics data from internal sources, some tweets and, hopefully, an assortment of Flickr backgrounds based on current monitoring conditions (ie., search for fire/destruction/storm/tornado when servers are being overloaded, and grass/meadows/happy/coffee if the monitoring says everything is fine). In this way I plan to use the Flickr search to provide a visual representation of the severity level currently being experienced.”

Maybe I’ll add a Tumblr feed to the backgrounds too. The API is pretty clean and I already have an API key because of Tumblr explorer I made a while back. If only there were better API filtering options available, to filter by media type, media size, number of likes,…

I love these kind of small ideas which are fun to deal with. As opposed to, you know, your server farm burning out due to high traffic caused by the Olympic Games. Think of this as a running start …

- Tit Petric

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